Bad C. Services: Watch out for Cancellation for Multiple Room

Blog Post created by bash21046 on May 10, 2019

I have been StarWoodGuest member for 20+ years and recently found out things with Bonvoy that are very frustrating. In additional the customer services sucks... Lets me explain.


1. I book 3 rooms under one reservation in Nov 2018 with 3 different guests.

2. I cancelled the reservation in time to avoid the one day penalty. Got my cancel confirmation via email.

3. I called customer services 30+ days (end of Jan 2019) prior to room reservation date (early March 2019) to ensure that all reservation were cancelled since website was acting up not showing all reservations and was told that all reservations were cancelled.

4. I deleted my cancellation confirmation email.

5. Early March I got my credit card changed with 2 night. So I called Customer services and was told that charges were wrong after they talk with Hotel (had to call customer service few times) and I will get a confirmation but no need to worry about.

6. Disputed the charges with C.Card and charges were taken off.

7. In May C. Card put the charges back saying the charges are valid.

8. Called Marriott services few time (during early morning 3AM my times since I live in Asia) was told no issue since all reservation were cancelled.

9. Called again after few days and was told that charges are valid since I did not cancelled 2 rooms associated with my reservation (was told that my reservation got splitted into 3 confirmation and I only cancelled mine!! The other 2 confirmation I was not told of or informed about even though it was on my credit card) ...

10. I called them back and provided an old cancellation for 3 rooms under one reservation which cancelled ll 3 rooms. But I was unable to provide email for that specific reservation since I have deleted it ...I went  to my Bonvoy account to check my cancelled reservation confirmation ... Nothing there... Customer service mentioned that have it but they can not share it with me and I need to trust them that I  only cancel my reservation ( and I need to do all 3 room...I am not sure how since I got no confirmation that I am cancelling only one and any information on the other 2 rooms!!!)

11. By this time I totally frustrated and asked to speak with manager... She mentioned that they can offer me 40K points but unable to reverse the $630 charges!!! At this time I am really tired as I have sent 2 months and atleast 20 calls between C. Card and Benoy C. service and asked her to resolve this to get my money back... she closed my case..but later find out put in the ticket that I refused 40K points and  Hotel refuses to reverse the charges...

12. I called back just wanted to close this since it has been frustrating me for last 2 months and requested to get 40K points and will make the payment to C. Card and to my surprise told that that deal is gone and we can not give up any points!!! 


Not sure how Bonay is operating... but they should at least take right actions and response to fix this... as I have: 


1. Cancelled my reservation on time. Called to confirm and got cancel confirmation.

2. If the one confirmation split to 3 then needs more secure confirmation (email atleast saying the other two confirmation still valid and what they are etc,..)

3. Should be able to see all my cancellation on Bonay site ... 

4. Customer services sucks and they should share the cancellation confirmation with me after the fact. They do not care about customer and pulling a fast one on me by now refusing to award 40K or reverse the charges ...

5. They should improve and they do not need to look too far ... STARWOODGUEST... just follow what they were doing for cancellation and other services that Bonvoy is lacking...


I am planning to email to CEO if I am not stratified with their response ( as I have opened a new ticket)...


If any Executive is listening in Benvoy... Please fix this!!