Mexico City Surprise - Puebla

Blog Post created by barry3150 on Apr 20, 2017

Part 3 of 3, contine from JW Marriott



After a nice couple of days in Mexico City, we took the bus from the Airport, terminal 2 to Puebla.  The bus ride takes a little over 2 hours and is a great way to get to Puebla.  We took the Estrella Rosa line and it was very nice.  Comfortable reclining seats with good wifi and a smooth ride the entire way.  I was a little surprised how high we went as the road goes over a pass ar 10,500 feet before going back down to relatively low 7,000 feet in Puebla.


our bus



We stayed at the Marriott in Puebla and it was okay.  It seems to cater more to business travelers and wasn't prepared to recommend tourist excursions.  The hotel is also close to a local canal, that although is out of site isn't out of smell.  Otherwise the hotel was modern and the staff were very friendly.


We did find a tourist information center in downtown Puebla at their zocalo and they recommended a nice bus tour that took us on a shory tour of the colonial city.  There was also a nice breakfast on the city center with a balcony view of the park.  The city center reminded me a lot of Sonoma, CA.


Puebla Zocalo



I have heard there are nice archeological sites at Cholula which is next door to Puebla, but we didn't have time to explore and my wife had seen enough pyramids at Teotihuacan.  I think that if you have time and an interest in history, that a visit to Cholula would be nice.


Overall I was a little disappointed with Puebla and in hindsight would have stayed in Mexico City the entire trip.  The was a lot we could have done there if we had more time.


After spending the day in Puebla, it was back to Mexico City on the bus.  Once again the ride was very nice and it only too 2.5 hours to get to Terminal 1 where we would spend our last night at the Airport Courtyard.  The Courtyard was wonderful, with nice amenities and the location to the airport is unbeatable.  You're literally across the street from the international terminal and there is a nice breeze way connector so you can easily walk to your gate.


Upon arrival we were warmly greeted and offered a choice of water, soda or beer.  I choose the beer and my wife chose the water.  Our room faced the interior atrium which is large and sunny as there is a glass ceiling.  We has a nice dinner in the hotel followed by drinks in the bar.  It's strange to say, but this Courtyard felt like an oasis where you were in the US while also being in the middle of Mexico.


The next morning we took our time getting ready for the flight home and enjoyed the Starbucks coffee in the hotel.  It was a 10 min stroll across the breezeway to the United check in area.  The flight back to LA was on time and again surprisingly short at just over 3 hrs.


We are definitely going to make this trip again.  As I mentioned earlier, we wi probably stay in Mexico City the entire time for our next trip and will be staying at the JW which was so nice and relaxing.