Mexico City Surprise - JW Marriott

Blog Post created by barry3150 on Apr 10, 2017

part 2 of 3, continue from "The Trip Begins"


We arrived in Mexico City after a 3+ hr flight from LAX.  I was pleasanrly surprised by the short flying time.  We got a taxi from one of the Terminal 1 taxi companies for 190 Pesos and took the 30 min ride to the JW Marriott in the Polanco neighborhood on the west side of the city.  What a wonderful hotel!  If you're looking for an upscale property with all the amenities, this is the place to stay.  It's located in a quiet neighborhood with several embassies and quaint restaurants.  It's also walking distance to Chapultepec Park with lots of local visitors on the weekend.  Concierge service is friendly and extremely knowledgeable.  At this point I must confess that my wife is fluent in Spanish, but hotel staff speak excellent English.


We spent most of Sat walking around the neighborhood and the Park.  According to my FitBit I had over 20,000 steps and with the altitude at 7,400 feet, probably over did it the first day.


view from room below


Chapultepec Castle below



On Sun we took a private tour to Teotihuacan, the pyramids were built by a civilization that predates the Aztecs.  We scheduled the tour through the Concierge and it was well worth the US$240 cost.  It included car service from the hotel to the site about an hour north of town.  The driver, Jose Luis, is also the guide and spoke perfect English.  He provided a lot of info about La Ciudad during the drive and had tons of info about the pyramids.  Be sure to take sunscreen if you decide to do this, I highly recommend it!


Moon pyramid below (notice how the shape matches the hills behind)



We got back to the hotel for a quick nap and the found a local restaurant for a nice dinner.  What a wonderful couple of days.  We should have stayed another day, but Mon was scheduled for Puebla and I hadn't realized Mexico City is the better place to stay.  But more on that for my next blog post "Puebla".