A call to LTPP customer support number. Was it a success or a failure?

Blog Post created by austinguy on Oct 11, 2018

While I was out of town, a team member made reservations for several of us at the Buffalo Grove, IL 4 Points. The team member didn't have my Marriott Reward number. Instead of going back and forth with her, I decided when I returned to the office I would call LTPP support and have them add my number. Oh no. Smh. Why did I think they could even do that?!


First, I called the magic LTPP number. After listening to the myriad of options I tried voice recognition "Need to add reward number to reservation". The system heard "missing stay" and launched into detailed instructions on how to request a missing stay. And no matter what combination of buttons I pressed on the phone, that system was going to give me every last detail on how to add a missing stay. Sheesh! 


Finally I speak with Jeff. Jeff seems kind and I don't take out my frustration with the phone system out on him. Turns out, since he's Marriott he couldn't add my number. WTH Marriott? But wait, he's going to transfer me to "one of the best team members on the SPG side". Naively, I believe him.


After a long mysterious pause with no sounds (I really thought I had been disconnected), a voice answer that makes me think of the Roz from Monsters Inc but after an additional carton of morning smokes. I'm watching you, Wazowski. Always watching. Always. - YouTube  I explain the basics of the situation and repeat Buffalo Grove 4 Points in Buffalo Grove, IL. I can hear her trying on her end to figure it out. After 3 minutes she announces that she hadn't been able to find it at first because she was looking in Buffalo, NY and not Buffalo Grove, Illinoise (Yes, she said noise). Smh. The best of SPG is letting me down.


At the end of the call she was unable to help, and I called the hotel directly. In 30 seconds, they took care of it. However, I had grand hopes that LTPP would result in upgraded service. The result made me think of a favorite skit from Little Britain and "computer says no". Little Britain - Computer Says No - Clip 1 - YouTube