LTP - Officially Made it!

Blog Post created by austinguy on Jul 31, 2018

My lifetime night count officially turned over to 750 this morning - July 31,2018! My lifetime points have exceeded 2 million for awhile and interestingly stopped rising month ago. As they exceeded 2 million, I wasn't too concerned.


It took me ten years of heavy (for me) travel mixed with years of light / non-existent travel to reach my nights. I so wish I could have known about this forum years ago and learned more about the intricacies of the program for night counts. Be it as it may, I glad I finally reached it.


Earlier this year when Marriott announced that only LTPP would only be granted to LTPs before the August program merger date, I decided I was going to accelerate all personal and business travel to make it. Although I now know that I could still have the next 4 months with Marriott's revised deadline to achieve the goal, I'm glad that I'm here and that the proverbial monkey is off my back. 


No photo ala verysuiteboy or normanp, but at least the final screen shot with the total. platinum for life lifetime platinum premier elite 


LTP - July 31 2018