Discover Indonesia's natural life

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Indonesia has an intriguing and various culture contributed to by several distinctive ethnic gatherings. Keeping in mind that that makes the nation exceptional, how about we not overlook a gigantic and similarly vital part of the archipelago's occupants. Read the guide that follows on where to find Indonesia's fantastic untamed life.


Baluran National Park




This national stop is frequently named "Indonesia's little Africa", and all things considered. Contrasted with other national stops that are ruled by lavish tropical timberlands, this area has a dry atmosphere that manages diverse arrangements of plants, fowls, and warm blooded creatures biological community. The region covers tremendous uneven regions and savanna, where imperiled well evolved creatures like the banteng, Java mouse-deer, angling feline, Javan panther, and the Javan lutung wander aimlessly. Likewise in the area are many jeopardized plants and endemic winged creatures. Standing tall at its inside is the wiped out spring of gushing lava Mount Baluran.


Tanjung Puting National Park

Situated on the planet's lung Borneo, this zone is encompassed by lavish tropical wildernesses, making it an ideal characteristic environment for different wild species, including the cute orangutan primates, pythons, the endemic whiskery pig, and in addition tropical plants. Travelers can likewise volunteer for the recreation center's orangutan preservation endeavors.


Komodo National Park

In spite of the fact that it's named after the inquisitive antiquated types of Komodo mythical beasts, this national stop is home to significantly more biodiversity. Here, "the only dinosaur on earth" shares the land with Timor deer, turtles, and a wide assortment of winged animals. Beneath the ocean, the recreation center's natural life movement gets considerably more vivacious, with in excess of a thousand types of tropical fish.


This broad national stop traverses more than four regions in Sumatra, covering different diverse scenes including Indonesia's second most elevated spring of gushing lava crest, Mount Kerinci. The assorted variety of landscape makes the national stop an ideal home to a blend of astonishing animals, including secured types of tiger, rhinoceros, and fowls.


Way Kambas National Park

As one of the most seasoned nature holds in Indonesia, this national stop has been the home to uncommon species that have been imperiled for a long time, including the Sumatran elephants and Sumatran two-horned rhino. Albeit generally known for its elephants, this zone is additionally frequented by neighborhood flying creature watchers, who would like to recognize the white-winged duck among others. Voyagers can take a guided visit through the elephant backwoods and decide on a trip through the Way Kanan stream by kayak to witness the recreation center's numerous natural surroundings.


Gunung Leuser National Park

For untamed life devotees who favor a genuine wilderness encounter, this protected region is among the most unblemished and wild in Indonesia, particularly the part that has a place with the Special Region of Aceh. The assorted untamed life is flourishing, maintained by thick vegetation and untouched nature, driving this area to be alluded to as a total biological community research facility. In opposition to limited creatures at zoos or some other preservation focuses, the orangutans, monkeys, elephants, and rhinoceros in this stop are in any event semi-wild, or even wild.


Raja Ampat Islands

The Raja Ampat Islands have been one of the world's most-prized jumping spot, bragging no less than 550 types of coral and 1,400 types of fish, including whale sharks, manta beams, dwarf seahorse, and the sky is the limit from there. Be that as it may, not the majority of the archipelago's natural life requires a jumping or swimming rigging to watch. Of the 1000 little islands that involve the archipelago, a significant number of them have a lively backwoods biological community, for example, spotted cuscus, beautiful wild blooms, and numerous types of the subtle feathered creatures’ of-heaven.


You can see that you can combine your vacation while discovering all the rare aspects of Indonesian wildlife. You can also plan your dreamy Bali wedding on the beach with the love of your life after you spend a day next to huge elephants and beautiful turtles. You are in heaven on earth, so you need to take advantage of that!