Homeless Veterans

Blog Post created by anadyr on Dec 17, 2017

There are a lot of homeless vets out there, and while the VA is trying to do something about the problem, it is not easy to fix. I saw a sixty year old man today, holding a cardboard sign, saying he was homeless and a veteran, and needed money.  As I approached he became hostile, shouted something incomprehensible, apparently shouting at demons bothering him. It was a full fledged meltdown, and he shouted at everyone passing by in the parking lot.


I was not sure if he was under the influence of some drug, liquid or pills, and not really communicative with me. Funny how people ignore these guys and sometimes, women.  Several of us considered calling the police, but other than yelling and wandering, he was not hurting anyone but himself.


It's Christmas, I should have intervened, but I didn't.  Maybe someday I would want someone, anyone, to do the same for me, if I were in that place.