Blog Post created by anadyr on Dec 1, 2017

bbb.jpgI remember with trepidation my first courses at a government intelligence school, one located in Anacostia, a then seedy section of Washington DC.


It might have been a secure location but the look was government 101, windows blacked out and covered in wire mesh, guards looking angry at the gates, and a scattering of pigeons on the roof, most of whom might have been enemy agents! I worked at another government intelligence facility, a world war two wooden edifice, with all the charm of a prison camp. Inside resembled a fishing cabin in the woods--we actually had coat hangers that were from the 1940's!  Asbestos, we never asked, better not to know.  Air conditioning was intermittent as was the heat, and we relied on wall mounted fans, as shown below for cooling, since the windows never opened. We wondered if those heavy safes could be supported by the aging floorboards.




Other schools followed and were housed in similarly depressing buildings at odd locations around the world.


Now the new ICC, Intelligence Community Campus, is being built near the Potomac River in Washington. According to this article the place will be anything but spooky, actually having windows, and a real campus feel.


Guess that I was born a half century too late!