Blog Post created by anadyr on Nov 21, 2017

bc.jpgAmong the slew of real and digital cards I got today, and yes it is my birthday, was one from a gentleman in Chatham.  Bernard Cornwell, former Shakespearean actor, tuned fabulously successful author of fiction and a non-fiction account of the battle of Waterloo, is someone we know from Cape Cod, where he summers. He appears in the summer theater, gives lectures, and is a very unassuming millions selling author.


He gave a talk two years ago at the public library about Waterloo, using a white board, two markers and a sword.  It lasted an hour but we would have been enthralled to listen for hours, given his pecking humor and knowledge of the battle.


Now I have been told several times that folks do not know anyone as old as me, small comfort, but reassuring I guess.