Patriots Day 2013

Blog Post created by anadyr on Nov 18, 2017

bm.jpgWe saw the movie and cried a lot. Real footage together with new stuff brought chills to my daughter and I. Only about ten people were there, most blindly looking at the screen, eating huge tubs of popcorn.  We were there, in reality and in spirit that day, Patriots Day, 2013.We had relived the 2013 Boston Marathon several times, first, when she ran, then during the week after the bombing, then during the trial of the miscreant who did it, and now at the cinema.


She ran good race, we saw her at mile 21 or 22 and high-fived each other, it was a glorious and memorable day. As shown in the video, a leg cramp stopped her just short of the horrible bombing location. We were going to wait for her to finish at the line but changed our mind, changed our fate. Back home later that week she was interviewed on local TV.


We were and are proud of her spirit and determination not to let the terrorists win, here or anywhere else.