Blog Post created by alher58 on Jul 7, 2017

Used 160K points to stay at Marriott Ko 'Olina Vacation resort for five days.    The resort is very nice with great amenities.

The issue is unless you are an Vacation timeshare owner, all the usual Platinum premier perks we are use to do not apply here!


I thought I had reserved a one bedroom suite, but according to the resort I asked for a guest room!  well it was the size of my walk in closet at home!!!  there were four of us in 330 sq ft room!!! it had a nice view of the garage and the smokers section!!!


as I requested a larger room, I was told as a non owner, they really could not accommodate me. After sevral discussions with management and the Platinum desk, I had no recourse but to stay.  In fairness to the staff they were nice and respectful, they comped a meal and an umbrella at the beach.   They kept saying they are affiliated with Marriott, but not a part of the Greater Marriott org.  I wish there had been a disclaimer on the page when I made my reservation to warn me about this.   it took two years to save up 160K.  They did offer to upgrade me on the last night, at a cost of $600!


BTW they did try and get me to attend the sales pitch to buy in to the resort!!! LOL  Once I show the sales folks the picture of my room, they apologized and understood why I was not interested!!!


Lesson learned don't stay a Marriott vacation resorts unless you are an owner!