W Bellevue

Blog Post created by adrianseattle on Jul 2, 2019

Hi Everyone, 


I just wanted to ask if anyone has ever received poor treatment from this hotel? I am not a person who likes to complain but, this is not something I can keep quiet about. I stayed here for 2 nights and it has been the WORST Customer Experience I have ever endured.

  • The Managers were rude, they charged my card for a total of $780.00 when my stay was only $483.00.
  • The Hotel was dirty, things were falling off by simply touching them.
  • The breakfast was burnt and over priced.
  • They charged me $44 dollars for minibar but, it was only supposed to have been $24.
  • The front employees had no idea how to check me in and wanted to charge me for incidentals again.
  • Communication was non-existent. 

I hope they learn from this mistake but, I feel upset by spending my money and to be treated such a way. 




Adrian Perez