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Hi Insiders,   Starting today, all 7,000+ hotels participating in our program will offer three redemption levels for free nights: Off-Peak, Standard or Peak rates. You will begin to see these new rates appear when you search for hotels and check the “Use Points” box on and the mobile app. It will take a few hours to

I am a titanium for life and it really means nothing...I usually have to beg for an upgrade..and the 10 suite awards in my account are useless.  I arrived at the moana surfrider and of course, was told I would NOT be upgraded, BUT, if I paid $200 per night, there was a suite available...this is after they just handed me a 1 page which
Top & Trending
I tried the suite night award certificate for a trip in Florida to upgrade to the largest suit. I usually get upgraded 75% of the time with my Marriot Bonvoy Status.  I was checking to see if the hotel had availability for my dates, and yes suites were still available. 5 days came I checked and my status was still pending. So I called and