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i am Lifetime Titanium and a parent of two Marriott employees.  Obviously, being the status I am, I have stayed at Marriott properties PLENTY that did not include the Associate Rate.  My problem is, when I do use the rate, (depending on where I am) I have been told I am not allowed to access the lounge or any other type of elite benefit.

Yessiree folks! Thursday July 18 is rapidly approaching where there will be a show up and TIPPLE at the Waterline Bar in the Boston Long Wharf Marriott. Starting at 5. Come say hi to me and placestoseeandgo and maybe we'll tipple our way to the north end or quincy market. Who knows! So who's in? The more the merrier! Cheers (pun intended). 
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I am a Canadian who has taken advantage of the recently (finally) offered AMEX Bonvoy card in Canada.  Curious if someone here could advise how often AMEX points post to our Bonvoy account, and how long until the (50,000 in my case) bonus points for signing up / minimum spend normally take?  Thanks in advance!