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Favorite Travel Reading?

Question asked by gemprincess on Aug 27, 2012
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What are some of your favorite traveling reading to prepare for and enjoy trips to new destinations?  I am loading up my Nook for reading on my upcoming cruise, and looking for interesting books to read


For instance, I a a big fan of Insight Tour Guides as they have very good historical and cultural information, and references to follow up on.  But I also like Historical Novels to better understand a destination.  Also, I find if I read some of the local authors, it makes for great conversation when I get there. .


Some of my favorite books:

1) Salisbury, England - Sarum: The Novel of England by Edward Rutherford went from the ice ages to present day, in the location of Salisbury, England, in particular the cathederal, following several families that represent parts of society.

2) London, England - London: The Novel by Edward Rutherford, same format focusing on London

3) Moscow, Russia - Russka: The Novel of Russia by Edward Rutherford, same format focusing on Russia

4) Panama Canal Cruise - Path Between the Seas by David McCullough tells about the initial French effort to build the Panama Canal based on their history of building the Suez Canal, and how the Americans assumed this effort and completed, and some of the challenges faced and conquered like discovering what caused malaria and how to prevent if possible, and treat if necesary.

5) Tuscany - Matilde, Countess of Tuscany by Mary Huddy - about an Italian Noblewoman, her life in Tuscany from 1045 ad to 1115 ad, and alliance with Pope Gregory VII

6) Venice - A Mapmakers' Dream, The Meditations of Fra Mauro, Cartographer to the Court of Venice by James Cowan, about a monk who makes maps without leaving his monastary on a island in the Venetian Lagoon occupied by the Armenian Church after being expelled from their monastery in Morea by the Turks

7) Alhambra - Tales of the Alhambra by Washintgon Irving series of stories by Irving on his trip to Alhambra, and living in Alhambra.

8) Rome & Capri - Cleopatra's Daughter by Michelle Moran is a wonderful story of Octavian returning to Rome with the daughter and son of Cleopatra, and their life in Octavians's household.

9) Washington, D.C. - The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown learned some new things about Washington DC even after living there for many years.

10) Burma - The Lizard Cage by Karen Connelly a really tough book to read about the political situation in Burma, and an even tougher trip to take for the traveler that thrives on challenge.

11) UK & Australia - Morgan's Run by Collen McCullough follows a British families life in the UK, and then the hero who is shipped to Australia as a convict.

12) Spain - Iberia by James Michener

13) India - Heat and Dust or any of the other intereting books by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

14) Malta - The Sword and the Scimitar by David Ball

               - The Kappillan of Malta by Nicholas Monsarrat

15) Pompeii - Pompeii: A Novel by Robert Harris

16) Alaska - Tisha: The Story of a Young Teacher in the Alaskan Wilderness by Anne Purdy is a story about Anne Hobbes who went to Alaska in the 1920s to teach in a one room school house, traveling to and living in Alaska,  and the problems she had due to her kindness to the Native Americans living there.