What are the consequences of Lifetime status?

Discussion created by blava007 on Dec 18, 2012
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I think we are addressing and are focused on the wrong question; the real Question that we MRI members need/should to be asking “What are the consequences” and not “Is this new Lifetime content understandable?”   


This new program is in a sense an oxymoron, it is not addressing the real MRI issues and concerns. 


On one hand, the overall MR benefits are declining, the value of the points are significantly depreciating from year to year, benefits are being cut, eliminated and watered down.


Now, a program that will add reasons to potentially water down the MR benefits even further!   I do like to see that members can achieve their LP levels easier, but it should not be at the expense of lowering benefits to all the MR members as is taking place NOW.  Also, Newhiltonmembr was making a very good point, highlighting the LP requirements and changes over the past years, it should not be too difficult to see the paradox, decrease overall MR benefits and increase members hype and anticipations.        


Michelle and MRI readers, am I wrong to be concerned?   


Also the board discussions re: PP and associated non-existing benefits, it feel like the “Secret Double Probation” in the movie; Animal House ! 


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