What are Participation Badges?

Discussion created by communitymanagers on Sep 21, 2012

Participation Badges are distinctions earned by completing specific missions within the community, like; uploading an avatar, starting a discussion, answering questions and interacting with others.

Monitor your progress towards completing each mission and your status on the leader board my checking the Reputation tab in your profile. For help with completing specific missions, reference our FAQs.


Here are a few sample missions:


Show Us Your Smile

Set up your avatar to get started.


Mark What You Like

The community cares what you have to say, so “like” what you find useful.


Community Aid

Have one of your answers marked as helpful to unlock this badge.


Personal Blog

Take a stand and create your own blog and write your first post.


Master Reviewer

Rate and review 10 properties


Unlock the Answers

This badge is yours when you reply to 2 questions or comment on 2 discussions.


They Like Me

Have 5 of your comments or replies “liked” to attest to their good standing.


Just the Ticket

Here’s your pass to this badge: Login 10 times in 30 days.

badges-125px_0008_Layer 35.jpg

Super Champ

Mark 5 questions as correct and 5 as helpful this month.

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