Odd experience, higher expectations

Discussion created by twilliams10 on Jul 30, 2012
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This weekend we stayed at the Jacksonville Marriott. I'd requested a fridge in the room for my husband's meds. Upon checking in the customer service agent stated the fridge was in the room and we were all set. We get up stairs and I see the fridge sitting in the hallway. *hhmm, maybe it's broken. or maybe there was one already in the room and so they left this one out.*


I check the room, but there was no fridge inside. I took a picture and went back down to the front desk. I asked the agent what was wrong with the picture. She was like oh, we'll have someone remove the fridge. I explain to her the fridge was requested and I was told it would be IN the room, not outside. She made some excuse and said oh I'm sure they just sat it there- but doesn't maintenance or engineering have a master key to all rooms??? So she goes on to provide another excuse about housekeeping. I stop her and explain- I'm silver elite, I've stayed at a marriott brand hotel for the past four weeks I know what to expect from this hotel- check my records. She apologizes and I go back to my room- surprisingly a maintenance guy was there waiting on us *quick work huh???*


Half hour later we have a letter, a can of snack mix and 2000 points for not meeting the "marriott standard".


I say all of this to say- my status was not acknowledged when I checked in. I felt no more "special" than the next person checking in. As marriott rewards members, I get all the "perks" of having the status, but what does that really mean onsite at the hotel. Should there be changes of expectations? Maybe provide free bottles of water, upgrades, better room views, something that says- we appreciate your patronage because we know you could have stayed somewhere else.