How can I use categories to find specific conversations

Discussion created by communitymanagers on Jul 5, 2012

Within each of the four main topics (Destinations, Marriott Rewards, Travel Tips, Other Topics), you’ll find links to categories that are specific to each topic. Categories are your shortcut to specific subjects by filtering out all other unrelated conversations.




Say for instance you're looking for conversations about MegaBonus, so you go to the Marriott Rewards topic and select the “Promotions” category. From here you may still find conversations about deals or other promotions, so you can further narrow your results with any combination of the following:

  • Filter by specific keyword(s) (Within the “Type to filter by text” box)
  • Adjust the sorting order of matching conversations (by activity, by date, title, etc)
  • Filter conversation by a specific tag (general tags or Marriott location tags)
  • Or even for different content types (photo albums, discussions, polls, etc)


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