How can I adjust my email notifications?

Discussion created by communitymanagers on Oct 21, 2011

notify2.pngYou can receive as many or as few email notifications as you like on activity from across the Insiders community. To adjust your email preferences, click on the down arrow next to your avatar, and select Preferences.


Insiders who frequent the community may prefer to disable these email notifications and instead access this information within the Insider Community Inbox. Infrequent visitors may on the other hand prefer to receive email notifications whenever another Insider replies to their thread, they're @mentioned, receive a direct message, or followed by another Insider.


Please note: Delivery of email notifications is dependent upon your individual internet service provider (ISP). Some ISP's like AOL are know have intermittent service disruptions which may delay email notifications from reaching your inbox. Alternatively, you can sign in and view your communications page directly for updates.


Please also be aware that if you view your email inbox using a threaded view (Microsoft Outlook), all email notifications from your Insiders profile may be grouped into a single thread.


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