Triple TIPPLE Airline Tickets

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Yep, it is something to ponder, Triple TIPPLE Airline Tickets or better known as (TTAT)!   So what are your thoughts fellow Insiders on this subject of TTAT?  


Here are things I've discovered over the last day or so.


With the current state of the world and travel plans getting smashed to the ground in what seems like every few hours thought it might be worthy of a TTAT post.  As most of you know theTriple TIPPLE Hotel and Booking Info is set for Seattle the weekend of September 25-27, 2020.  Airlines are cancelling flights, offering lower fares, making it possible to make a non-refundable reservation and not have to pay a change fee and even some allowing you to purchase a ticket of any class/fare structure until March 31, 2020, and be able to make a one time change up until one year from the purchase. 






Yes of course each airline will have it's own policy/waivers so it's always smart to be knowledgeable of that prior to hitting the purchase icon, and above are the two airlines waivers that offer non-stop flights from our home airport in Houston (IAH) to Seattle (SEA).


As I type this the current fares non-refundable fares IAH-SEA-IAH on the days we are looking to travel are:


  • Basic Economy from $257 on United and Saver fare $297 on Alaska
  • Economy from $327 on United and Main $357 on Alaska
  • First Class from $865-$946 on United and $697 on Alaska


There are currently no upgrades using miles available on United, you get put on a wait list which is a roll of the dice.  The flight is about 5 hours going and about 4+30 back all depending on wind aloft.  Five hours or more in economy to me sounds like getting poked in the eyes with a very sharp stick!


Think I'll purchase the Alaska first class tickets in a day or two and should Triple TIPPLE things change some still be able to make changes without penalty/fees being applied.  Might also transfer some Bonvoy points to our Alaska MileagePlan accounts since we don't have enough miles to cover the ticket, but the transfer rate is very weak.  We could use some AMEX Reward points to transfer to Alaska MileagePlan which at last check was a better conversion . 


Our last couple of Alaska flights last May were FABULOUS and with a first class ticket you get lounge access to their lounge which is pretty darn good.


Bottom line Insiders, TTAT and keep checking those fares if you haven't got them already as well as the existing waivers in place to make the best possible decision as it pertains to your airline tickets for Triple TIPPLE.