Will Marriott let their guests?

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I have stayed at Renaissance hotel and resorts in Sharm El shekish from 3 on March to 1 on July.


Today hotel management contacted with me and let me know hotel will be closed on 31 March so I should prepare myself to leave ASAP, I respected them because they are letting me will back to me if they are having a New news.


I tried to contact with most of the hotels in Sharm El shekish " local hotels" but they haven't accepted any check in or extended stay and some others closed,, but some hotel accept but they're didn't take future guests without the reason.


I contacted with Marriott customer service on hotline and they transferred me servals of the times with the Same answer we can't honor any reservation in the future but I have already made my reservation and stayed where I can leave!


I have did my reservation and made all my plans based on my staying at Renaissance, let my home and family and they're accept me to staying here because they trust Marriott 

International chain as titanium elite member and my reservation


Guarantees by and Marriott  international hotels and I have stayed more than 20days and will stay more..


I did my reservations from Marriott directly because they're international chain and they should  know right how-to appreciate their valuable guests at least. 


At hotel me and another guests forbidden to go outside if they did it automatically Will check out they're telling me and others for save us after happened today I can't trust Marriott international chain anymore.


Seriously! Marriott wanna me leave hotel and went to another places if I found maybe threat my Life! And they want to escape from their responsibility.. I hope Marriott stop being did something seems racist.


Please, don't tell me it's a rules for government because I have checked with them directly and didn't have any rules to guests left their hotels if they are still staying.


Kindly notes:


Some of guests here contact with their travel agency after hotel informed them and they come and honor their reservation with another hotels.


I contacted with some of my friends and told me they're having the same problem because their hotels closed but Marriott international chain take their responsibility and move them to another property but it's outside in Egypt, maybe Marriott don't care about their guests in Egypt!


I can't blame hotel management because their here to manage hotel and most of them doing their job contract with owner not Marriott so they're only following rules.


At the end:


I hope AM being wrong and Marriott international chain will Care about guests at least to save them and save others.


I apologise for any inconveniences from my side but I hope others let themselves like me what I should do where I can go after happening around the world.



M A.Sh