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For the casual participant of this site, it may appear a great many of the regular contributors know each other. While this is true now, it wasn't always the case. Every one of us began as newcomers on Marriott Bonvoy Insiders (formerly Marriott Reward Insiders) at some point. Over the years, we've gotten to know each other mostly through online interaction.


There have been occasional meetups between a handful of members, but to really get a chance to meet the folks who post frequently, the best way is to come of one of the rarely held Insider Gatherings.


Come chat with verysuiteboy about Key Card Collecting . Have a beer (or three) with brightlybob while you discuss when to pay cash versus when to redeem points. Talk with painedplatinum about some of the over 500 different Bonvoy properties he has visited over his 25 years with Marriott (2019 Year in Review....A 25 Year Relationship). Stop by to thank them and the many others who have answered questions about the best hotels in London or NYC or San Francisco. 


There are far too many of the regular contributors to name here. While not all of them will be attending the meetup later this year, expect a couple dozen of the most active members to be there. Want to be part of the action? It's all happening in Seattle at the end of September. Come join the fun. 


Here's a bit more info.

You'll often see this gathering referred to as Triple TIPPLE. Back when we held the first large gathering, brightlybob coined the term TIPPLE. It is an acronym for The Insiders Points, Pints, and Liquor Extravaganza. Creative, huh? And while partaking of pints or liquor is not required, it does seem to be a favorite pastime anytime Insiders gather.  This is the third TIPPLE, hence the name (Triple TIPPLE just sounds better than TIPPLE3).


Insiders will be meeting in Seattle on the weekend of September 25-27, 2020. Most will arrive on Friday afternoon and leave by Sunday, though some are planning to make a week out of it. Whether you show up early or stay late, we'll be gathering at a downtown Seattle hotel. We have selected a hotel, but I can't reveal details yet since we're still negotiating with Marriott on a special Insider rate for Friday and Saturday night. I promise to share that info as soon as it's available. 


Any member of Bonvoy Insiders is welcome to attend. If you want to meet the official face of TIPPLE, the Grand TIPPLEr himself, Seattle is the place to be the final weekend of September 2020.

If these photos haven't frightened you away, start making your plans (if you haven't already) to be part of Triple TIPPLE. You won't want to miss it.