Help: was the status challenge effort all for nothing?

Discussion created by thegoldenway on Dec 1, 2019
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I am hoping someone can help me. In the beginning of September I took on new responsibilities at work that would significantly increase my travel. I called Bonvoy and activated the platinum elite challenge...or so I thought. 



The person I spoke to on the phone told me that there wouldn’t be a confirmation email. So, even though it gave me anxiety - I had to trust that I was enrolled and everything was correct. I never noticed anything in my promotion section but knew that was normal. 



Today, I called to check on my status (as I am 99% sure I achieved the challenge before the 90 days) and was told there was no record and there was nothing that could be done. I was shocked. 

I researched hotel programs before I decided to continue with Marriott as I knew the level of my travel would be significant. I chose Marriott for their hotel excellence and selection of luxury hotels. 

I am hoping something can be done as I was so excited to continue my loyalty. 


My stays are all paid and in the attached documents. 


Thank you all.