Any Insight Into Marriott Policy on Extending Status into the Next Year when You Haven't Quite Earned It?

Discussion created by ella31 on Dec 1, 2019
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So, here is my dilemma. As some of you may know, I went to some effort to conduct (and pay $195 for) a Rewarding Event so that I could acquire 50 Elite Nights this year, thus giving me another Platinum year and qualifying me for LT Platinum.


I did this because I didn't think I was going to travel in December to earn nights that way. Alas, life changes, and I now am going to be traveling an additional 5 - 8 nights in December, including for a memorial service. :-(  So, I didn't need to do the Rewarding Event after all. 


Anyway, in 2017, I had earned more than 75 nights (those old rollover nights really did help!), so I was Titanium Elite in 2018. I only earned about 55 nights in 2018, but they graciously extended my Titanium status through 2019 anyway (either that or it was an error). 


For 2019, my 5 to 8 nights of December travel will put me somewhere between 58 and 61 nights for the year.  


My dilemma is what to take for my Choice Benefits award. The 5 nights will not be enough to get me to 75 nights for the year and officially give me Titanium status again. But, I was thinking that if I take the 5 nights and get up to, say, 66 nights, that might be close enough for Marriott to gift me with another extension. Or, maybe not.


Does anyone have any insight, based on past experience or word of mouth, about how Marriott makes these decisions? It would make sense to me that maybe they give you one free extension - eg, for someone who had had a status for several years but failed to renew it one time - but if you fail to make status two years in a row, they let you drop down. In that case, I will (gasp!) definitely drop down to Platinum next year, because it is not worth it to me do a mattress run for 9 nights, and I've used up the Rewarding Event option. But I wondered if sometimes they are more generous if you are close to the number of nights needed.


Any insights you have would be much appreciated!