London Edition vs London Park Lane Hotels

Discussion created by rheins on Nov 13, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2019 by brightlybob

The discussions I have seen on this topic seem several years old and I would like some more current opinions.  My wife and I (lifetime titanium) are traveling from the U.S. and going to London for 5 nights in June 2020 and are trying to decide between these 2 hotels.  I Understand that the Edition does not have a lounge, nor does it offer complimentary breakfast.  Can someone provide information on the lounge and breakfast offering at Park Lane.  Specifically, what type of food is available and what hours do they have food/snacks throughout the day?

Second question relates to the location.  We will be doing normal tourist type stuff all around London during the days and dinner/theater in the evenings.  Do either of these hotels have a significant advantage in terms of location?

Third question has to do with value.  We are using points, so cost is same for both hotels.  However, if you look at paying cash, the Edition is about 850/ night vs the Park Lane at 550/night.  Any thoughts on what drives the price difference?


Thanks in Advance for any thoughts.