How do SNAs work on the back end, and how should they

Discussion created by dougfrisk on Nov 6, 2019
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With all of the SNA discussions and questions over their value I thought I'd see if anyone knows how they're supposed to work from the hotel's point of view. I've spoken with GMs at two different hotels and directly asked what the hotel gets when I try to use an SNA, the response in both cases was that the hotel gets nothing out of the deal. It seems to me that there's no incentive for a hotel to commit a suite to that guest prior to check-in.


Does anyone know any differently, are there in fact incentives for the hotel to accept an SNA apart from making a Bonvoy elite member happy?


With alternatives to the SNAs including a 40,000 point free night voucher, or $100 to a charity; that defines what the back end cost to the Bonvoy program is for the other options. 


Given that points is a currency used between the hotel and Bonvoy program, consider if Bonvoy transferred 8,000 points to the hotel for each SNA used. Now, the hotel would have a reason to commit to the SNA request rather than rolling the dice hoping that someone will come along and pay extra for that upgraded room.


I thought I'd throw this idea in front of the brain trust here and communitymanagers to solicit some feedback before I emailed this off to the powers that be.