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A Question, Insiders... 7h 40m LHR Layover...

Question asked by pluto77 on Sep 1, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2019 by brightlybob

To leave the airport or not leave the airport, that is the question.  AA from U.S., arrive 12:05pm, BA to Asia, depart 7:45pm.  It would seem that I'd have to have an airtight plan... Know which terminal I'm landing in, know where I'm going to catch a bus or a tube, know the travel times, which terminal when I get back... Security, security, security... and also Customs...  I've got GBP's in my pocket, but can't find that Oyster Card... It seems to me like it would have to be a well executed plan to even have a mere 2 hours to catch a London vibe, a Kew vibe or a Windsor vibe.  Doable?  So to all you LHR connection saavy travelers, let's have the skinny, please?!  We're talkin' next Sunday.