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Las Vegas hotel recommendations

Question asked by sorot76 on Aug 10, 2019
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I hope this question won't get me banned from this group  

My husband is traveling to Las Vegas several times this fall (business) and in November, I am going to join him there for a couple of nights. The first night, we will be staying at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa. The next two nights, well, I can't decide if we should give the Cosmopolitan a try, or stay at the (*gasp*) Four Seasons... We are very loyal Marriott travelers, and the only brand that we ever stay at that is not Marriott is the Four Seasons (when there is - like in Vegas - no Ritz Carlton). From what I have read online, the Cosmopolitan is fantastic, but definitely a different experience than a Ritz or Four Seasons would provide? Seems to me that the Cosmo is more of a "typical" Las Vegas hotel, whereas the Four Seasons is quieter and more of a traditional 5 star hotel? We would get points at the Cosmo, but the Four Seasons offers a $100 credit to be used at the hotel/spa... I'm just really torn.