Will Titanium status ever be recognized at Resorts?

Discussion created by bethbeth519 on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2019 by bhsdmd

As you may have become aware of, when traveling abroad to Marriott/Starwood resorts status is widely unrecognized. In other words, typically, there are no upgrades, no breakfast, no lounge access...nothing that you have earned. I spoke with a "resort specialist" at Marriott this evening and was told, "Well, it's not that your status isn't recognized it's just that our resorts don't offer those things." Um...sounds like it's not recognized if I'm not being offered exactly what I've earned through staying 100+ PAID nights per year in your properties. Do you think Marriott will EVER be loyal to us the way that we have been to them and actually make all properties give us what we've rightfully earned? I know, wishful thinking.