Double Night Credit Promo

Discussion created by matthank on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by bejacob

So, a friend of mine was target for a promo called "Double Night Credits" and he is a Titanium member already. I called Bonvoy to enquire about this promo as it is not listed under my profile. When I talked to the agent, apparently only people with United Credit Cards are being targeted for this promotion. Anyone else have it or know how to get it without a United Credit Card?  They had this promotion along with the current Double Points Promo. This promotion would be really helpful to me since Marriott changed the way Event Planers earn on events. We used to earn a flat 10 night credits for every event. Now you get 10 Night credits for the first event and then starting with the 2nd event of the year, you only can earn night credits based on Master Bill Rooms and some factor.. ( I think 8 Master bill rooms = 1 night credit for planer). Our events are EPO events using the Marriott Events custom booking urls.