Do we complain to much!

Discussion created by gazhull8474 on Mar 11, 2019
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So here goes...

As Marriott insiders do we complain to much and not take action ourselves.


I have recently moved to Marriott ( January 2019) and from reading the posts by other users of the Marriott brand it would seem as if sometimes its the worst in the world. Do we just expect higher levels of service as we go up the tiers and let that go to our heads, do we complain as a way of venting our frustration at the brand or last but not least, do we just complain as its not the service you/we expect to receive.


When I say take action, from reading some of the posts on here if I was that unhappy with the service that is being offered I would move to a different brand completely.


I am not going to label the posts that I have laughed at the most with the comments demanding a certain level of service, however what I will say is that you still keep booking with the brand through your choice.