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Take advantage of more sophisticated features and customize your experience.


1. Personal preferences and settings »

2. Advanced functionality »

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1.0 Personal preferences and settings


Updating email notifications

Control the number and types of email notifications you receive, in addition to changing your language, locale, time zone, and view styles for discussions and comments. Learn more


Updating privacy settings

Protecting your privacy is imperative. So, you can control what profile information other community members or the public can see, such as your name, hometown, age and personal information. Learn more


Changing your home page

By default, the Insiders Welcome page appears when you first sign in, but it’s easy to change your setting so the Inbox or customized Your View opens instead. Learn more



2.0 Advanced Functionality


Begin a discussion using the Create menu

Once you're familiar with the community, spaces and categories, you may feel more comfortable using the Create menu to start a new discussion. Go to the pencil icon in the bar at the top-right of the page. This will open a drop-down menu. Select Discussion. You can immediately enter the title and body of your discussion. Beneath you will see where you can select where your discussion will post (for example, Travel) and it's easy as that!


Add relevant tags and categories

To make sure others can find your content, it’s helpful if you add tags such as the location, Marriott brand, or type of trip (business, family) whenever you start a new discussion. We also have established categories that you can choose from. Learn more


When you need a definitive answer

Choose the Question selection from the Create menu. You can then mark incoming answers as Correct and as Helpful, as long as you’re signed in and have completed your Insiders profile.

Advanced sorting

You can sort and filter results by author, recent activity, date created and other specific information. Or you can use an advanced search using quotes around specific phrases or operators like AND or OR between phrases. Learn more


Bookmark content for later

Just as you do on your Internet browser, you can bookmark conversations that you want to revisit within your Insiders profile. Learn more


Follow a conversation (or unfollow)

Whenever you create a new discussion or reply to an existing discussion, you will automatically receive updates on future activity in your Insider inbox. You may stop tracking future updates by unclicking Follow from the Actions menu on that specific discussion thread or Hide Future Activity from the message in your inbox. Conversely, you can opt-in to receive updates on threads you have not yet contributed to by simply checking the Follow box in that Actions menu. Learn more