Brightlybob's "Special Sauce"

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In the "Summary" section of his New Year's Day Essay (New Years Day Essay - Bonvoy! ) brightlybob spoke about the "Special Sauce" that SPGers loved.


There were indeed many times in my experiences at SPG hotels that little "specials" made what could have been a regular hotel stay AMAZING! From the car window cleaning & "Moo Pies" [a Wisconsin candy] at the Sheraton in Madison, to the gracious "Welcome Back" after a long absence at the Le Meridien Oak Brook Center [where they also remember my newspaper preference], SPG hotels (or I should say "Former" SPG hotels) have WOWed me with simple things that up the ante on hospitality.


I can now point to at least one Marriott property that is working hard to do the same thing: the Residence Inn Madison West / Middleton.


My last stay at this particular hotel was back in early September. I've not been a regular guest at this hotel, although I have stayed there a few times. I've both complimented and bothered them when I've been there: complimented, because they have a complimentary LOCAL newspaper available; bothered, because I wish they had a microwave in the breakfast area like the ResInn in Redmond, WA [after all, us cheeseheads need to melt our cheese on our morning eggs!].


I do have an upcoming stay there next week.


But my point is that I have not been a regular weekly guest at this particular property.


However, in my mail on Wednesday [Jan 2] I received the following:

Christmas Card


Christmas Card Inside


Here's brightlybob 's "special sauce" in SPADES! 


This particular former SPGer is truly impressed! 


I suggest that there are plenty of Marriott properties that could learn from the Residence Inn Madison West. Maybe communitymanagers could suggest a field trip for hotel staffs from around the country to this property. This ResInn has captured and put into practice some of the old SPG WOW!