Lifetime Gold before the merge, still Lifetime Gold after

Discussion created by vbnative on Nov 21, 2018
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This is my first post here, and it comes after several phone calls to Marriott, hours on the phone, and a bunch of e-mails.  I'm beginning to believe that I've misread Marriott's website and all the postings here.  Can someone please set me straight?


I've attached a screenshot that shows I had 656 nights and 1,608,840 on 8/17/18 (although I had reached the 1.6 million mark in July--I saved the screenshot the day before the merge in case there were problems).  It also shows "0 nights needed to renew Silver Elite, 27 nights needed to achieve Gold Elite," which indicates I was at the Silver Elite level.


Based on everything I've read, I think that I should have been made Lifetime Gold Elite in July when I passed the 500 night/1.6 million points requirement.  And then I should have been made Lifetime Platinum Elite after the merge.  But because I was not switched to Lifetime Gold Elite before the merge, I now have to meet the new requirements of 600 nights and 10 years at the Platinum level (I have 9).


Am I right or are the half-dozen Marriott people I've talked to right?