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Legacy MR Lifetime Gold Achievement Post August 2018

Question asked by ohny92rewards on Nov 18, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2018 by samswife

I've recently passed 500 life time nights and 1.6 million lifetime points under the MR legacy program (have not combined MR and SPG accounts), which should qualify me for MR legacy lifetime gold status. Can a community manager confirm this? I had been told in the past by MR customer service that achieving legacy lifetime gold status by 12/31/18 will be Loyalty (new program) lifetime platinum status in 2019. In speaking with the MR Platinum customer services desk last week, I'm now being told that qualifying for MR legacy lifetime gold status post August 2018 will not result in Loyalty lifetime platinum status in 2019 under the new combined program. Has anyone else encountered this issue or been able to resolve with confirmation of their 2019 Legacy program lifetime status? Or more importantly, can someone provide senior level MR contacts (email addresses are best for documentation purposes) that I can address my situation with directly? The customer service  team was very confused and misquoting information on both the legacy and loyalty programs