MORI agents giving wrong information and Marriott not honoring

Discussion created by simsantiago on Nov 3, 2018

I have been a marriott member and a timeshare owner for 25 years and have gone out of my way to earn points and have been saving them to celebrate our milestone anniversary.


We have continued to get wrong and conflicting information from the marriott customer service agents .   We were misadvised on the travel packages before the merger and changed the category we were going to order based on the info that the agent gave us.  After the merger we found out that the info we provided was wrong and Marriott is not honoring the info that we were originally provided


We sent an email asking for review and found out after two months they closed the ticket after escalating it without resolving the issue.


I always esteemed Marriott to be a top tier company and am so sick to my stomach.  How can we the consumer get together and work together to address this?  Marriott should have been forthright and given all of us the information on how we would be impacted before the merger so we could plan.  Instead we spoke to their agents who misadvised us and they are not standing by the info we were told.  


Any guidance is greatly appreciated.  I am going to see if there in any advice that my attorney has to offer - 

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