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20th Anniversary In Italy: on points???

Question asked by jimwoodspr on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by ejandruss

Hey friends,

Taking my wife on a trip to Italy for our 20th anniversary. Looking at various Marriott properties at each of our stops, but not knowing the area, it's been difficult to determine best property for each location. We're looking at the following stops:

  • 23-24 September Flying PIT - VCE
  • 24-26 September: Venice, Italy
  • 26-28 September: Florence, Italy
  • 28 Sep - 1 Oct: Rome, Italy
  • 1-4 October: Sorrento
  • 4-5 October: Rome depart


What are your favorite Marriott properties "in the center of it all." in these locations? Any feedback, advice are greatly appreciated. Thanks you!!