Double TIPPLE head count

Discussion created by bejacob on Mar 20, 2018
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Believe it or not, Double TIPPLE is almost here. Time to get a actual count of everyone planning to attend. Here's who has indicated they will be joining the Marriott hosted reception on Saturday evening at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel.


bejacob, brightlybob, seatexan, iahflyr, pluto77, nationwide, erc, jsucool76, vaboywnder, eclektech, pey, razorbackfan, bikinchris, rlswider, ne_traveling_man, len, verysuiteboy, tef6178, mustanggt, sledchick, wmrobins, fistuk, vic&mila, painedplatinum, jerrycoin, nmballoonist, wetravel2, phctourist, ks77, nhtraveler, starguy, scottyt, pingreeman, ginabeana, catotx, rowdy1438, jere5iah, maaurauder, jetmanjon


While I already know that some of you are coming alone, while others are bringing a spouse/significant other, I'm requesting everyone mentioned above please reply to this thread indicating the total number in your party. For example, brightlybob and I would reply this way

          brightlybob 1

          bejacob  2


For those like vaboywnder and razorbackfan who have spouses on the list, you can respond like this

          razorbackfan & bikinchris 2


For the majority of attendees, I already know what your responses will be, but please add a comment anyway to make sure I don't under/over count. At the moment my unofficial total is 52, but I suspect I might be missing one or two. Likewise if you are no longer able to attend, please let us know.


If I've missed anyone, I apologize. I pulled the names from the Double TIPPLE (Insider Gathering) Guest List.