Marriott Rewards Points Expired

Discussion created by sachingarg2k1 on Jan 27, 2018
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I am a member of Marriott Rewards Program. I logged into my account last week for planning a family trip and got to know that all the points (55,652) got expired on 10 Jan 2018! I was not aware of this expiry date and the policy around it.

I tried reaching out to Marriott via mail and they asked me to talk to customer care team. Customer care team said that they can't help.

I understand that its a miss from my side. I am a loyal Marriott member and always choose Marriott for business trips. Is there a possibility under which the expired points can be credited back to my account? I will be really greatful to Marriott and it shall strengthen the bond further. I promise this is the first and last time that I am raising such a request.


Thanks in advance

- Sachin Garg