Double TIPPLE Countdown - 4 months to go

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Only 4 months until the biggest Insider event of 2018. The last weekend in April, several dozen members of this online community will get together for a meet & greet at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, known far and wide as Double TIPPLE (I'm not going to explain TIPPLE again, so see Half a Year to Double TIPPLE for what it means). Attendees will be hanging out in the Washington, D.C. area for the weekend, and most will be staying at this property. If you still want to join, here some info on how to get our specially negotiated Insider rate Double TIPPLE Hotel and Booking Info.


Some are choosing to stay elsewhere, but this is where the action is. Trust me, you'll have more fun if you stay on site. We still have a handful of rooms available on Friday and Saturday. There might even be one or two available on Thursday for folks arriving early as well as a few on Sunday night for anyone planning to stay in town an extra day.


The main event will be the evening reception on Saturday from 7:00pm-9:00pm at the Renaissance. Come join the party. Here is the latest list of who is planning to be there Double TIPPLE (Insider Gathering) Guest List

Quite a few of them were in attendance at the first larger Insider Gathering back in Sept 2016 in Houston. See if you can identify any of them.


Those of you already with confirmed reservations, have you made your travel plans yet? Times a'wasting. I just booked my flights this week. Have you given any thought to what else you might do while in D.C.? Any restaurant suggestions for folks not familiar with the area? Share your thoughts below.


Let's make Double TIPPLE live up to its name and make it twice as good as the meet up back in September 2016 in Houston (now known as TIPPLE-the-First).