How Did You Do in 2017?

Discussion created by nationwide on Dec 11, 2017
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We posed this question roughly a year ago - how did you do this year on points and nights?  I did a little math to project through the end of this week (my last week on the road), and within a hundred points or so, I am confident in how I will finish the year.  Last year, we were able to discern where our points came from via the handy-dandy percentage break down (stays, bonus, credit card, social etc).  I can no longer find that on the newest version of Marriott's website.  I don't break down my points earnings by category on my tracking spreadsheet as some of our uber elites do, although I think I'll do that starting 1/1/2018


Here's where I will finish 2017:


462,853 Points Earned

475,000 Points Burned

157 Nights at Marriott

59 Paid Nights stayed

10 Nights redeemed

1 Promotional Nights (Birthday)

31 Credit Card Nights

56 Rollover Nights (ah, we will miss them )

0 Rewarding Events


New this Year:

4 Starwood Stays for 9 Nights (these were great stays!!!)


I know I'm low this year compared to some of our uber elites like painedplatinum, rlswider, nipper, brightlybob, generalharlandsanders and others.    So, how did you do?



Adding my point source percentages found in the Account Overview section of the old website:


Hotels 61%

Bonus 20%

Credit Card 16%

Events 0%

Social 2%

Badges 0%

Transfer 0%