My MRI Anniversary, "What a Ride"!

Discussion created by ritz on Nov 20, 2017
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Just want to thank all of you for the wonderful time I have had since joining MRI on November 20, 1983! (34 Years?)


A lot of stays, points, etc., but most importantly a lot of "Friends" whom I have met and some I have not.  Like my wonderful author friend, anadyr, I know I had stayed in Marriotts prior to this, most notably "Key Bridge" in DC.  There was no front desk and a golf cart took you to your room.


I want to also thank bejacob as well as brightlybob for the fabulous experience in "Tipple 1" in Houston!  An impressive group of MRI's and memorable property.  Looking forward to our next one in DC.


I hope we can retain many of the quality contributors to this site and attract many more.  You all have my respect and sincere appreciation for your contributions to my travel enjoyment!


Now that I have figured out how to get back onto this sight, (Thanks to brightlybob), I am committed to contribute more to this site.


Again, thanks to all for the "Joyous Ride"!