Insider Gathering 2018 (TIPPLE 2). Wanna Join Us?

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Anyone remember this?


Good luck trying to identify everyone. Can you pick out any of these folks? brightlybob, iahflyr, bejacob, nationwide, painedplatinum, razorbackfan, bikinchris, pluto77, jerrycoin, jsucool76, fistuk, tef6178, seatexan, jerryl, erc, gm1, and nathalief. And, yes that is Thom Kozik (Big Thom), VP of Global Loyalty for Marriott sitting front and center with Jasmine H., Director of Digital Loyalty Community right behind him.


Ever since the first large Insider meetup in Houston back in September 2016, there have been calls to do it again. Planning has begun, and while details are not complete, here's a hint of what lies ahead.


Who: Any contributor/reader of Marriott Rewards Insiders

What: Live and in-person meetup of some of the most active members of this community

When: Spring 2018 - probably the last weekend in April, though that has not been finalized yet

Where: Washington. D.C. - specific hotel location to be determined once dates are set

Why: Because the last one was so much fun


For any folks relatively new to Marriott Rewards Insiders who are curious about what happened last fall in Houston, check out these discussions


Insiders Meetup – A Big Thanks to All

Incredibly Successful Insider Gathering (oh all right TIPPLE)

I'm sure I missed some, so if anyone who attended last time wants to add links to more topics or pictures, please do.


Thanks to the communitymanagers as well for their help in making the first TIPPLE so great.


As for what TIPPLE stands for... Well, I'll leave that to brightlybob. He has a flair for explaining things that I could never match.


We're not asking yet, who is planning to attend. That will come later.


Hope to see you in D.C. about this time next year.