Why is Hotel Loyalty Better than Airline Loyalty?

Discussion created by bejacob on Oct 12, 2017
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Last week, I sought advice on what to do about airline loyalty in 2018 and beyond. The overwhelming response was that it no longer makes sense to be loyal to a particular airline. Almost everyone advised me to go with whatever airline worked best for a specific trip based on price and schedule. Further, it was suggested I join the frequent flyer programs for any and all airlines I might fly so I could earn whatever miles might be available.


It got me thinking.

  • What makes hotel loyalty programs different from frequent flyer programs?
  • Are the perks/benefits better?
  • Is it easier to earn status?
  • Is there some intangible benefit from being loyal to Marriott or SPG?
  • Why not pick the best value hotel and not worry about loyalty? (as I was advised to do with the airlines)
  • Even if airline loyalty no longer makes sense for many travelers, is it worth sticking with one main hotel program?


I'm sure I could come up with reasonable answers to most of these questions. Then I realized, there are Insiders who have been members of Marriott Rewards 5 times as many years as I have (I signed up in February 2011). Of course that isn't a requirement to answer. It doesn't matter whether you've been a member for 30 years or 30 minutes. I'm interested in your thoughts.


Why did you choose Marriott/SPG as your main hotel loyalty program and why stick with them?

If Marriott/SPG is your backup program, why do you stay with your primary one?



P.S. My original topic that spurred this line of thought was Airline Loyalty in 2018 and Beyond. What to do?