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MegaBonus offers

Question asked by hawaiisnowman on Nov 28, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by erc

why have I not recieved any notifications of megabonus offers.  While in California, Oregon and Washington about 2 weeks ago I saw that there was a megabonus offer in progress that ends in the middle of January, yet I didn't see a sign up (there was a card in the hotel - albeit that the I would have had to sign up by October 15th, yet it was still on display in the hotel). 


Also on Marriott rewards insider I have seen comments from a customer about the next megabonus offer that expires in January yet I have not seen anything on that offer - and when I go to marriott rewards offers, there is nothing there either.  So what gives ? 


I have stayed at Marriott properties 40 plus days per year for the last several years, and I am disappointed that I have apparently not been notified of the offers, that would have given me extra points and/or free nights.


Very disappointing.