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What Gives Marriott, Differing Rates (Changed Title)

Question asked by iahflyr on Aug 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by communitymanagers

With a nice rainy weekend courtesy of nasty rude Hurricane Harvey I've been toying around searching for beach locations for a possible trip using Reward points.  What did I find you ask?


Well, shame on you Marriott.  On the rate page I find a $350 upgrade fee, okay.


Then click on the "Rate Details" and what do I find?  Tisk tisk tisk Marriott.


$500 USD rather than $350 USD, hmmmm don't you think our communitymanagers should get with the "Appropriate Team" and make it right for me to book this at the advertised $350 rate if so desired?  I sure do and will be happy see what they say.