Rome, Capri & Amalfi

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It's booked! May 2018. Heading back to Italy to retrace the steps taken some 35 years ago. I'm looking to the MRI folks to help with recommendations on hidden jewel restaurants, osterias, cafe's, wine bars and pizzerias as I plan to eat my way around. We have 3 nights at the Grand Flora, a day trip to Pompeii before taking the ferry from Naples to Capri. A friend traveling with us wants pizza in Naples so any recommendations near the port are appreciated. In Capri we are in the Capri Wine Hotel not far from the piazzette. Last, 4 nights in Positano at Hotel California where Diane Lane yelled up to Marcello in Under the Tuscan Sun.


Goals in Rome are the Sistine as last time I saw it only 1/10th had been cleaned. The rest was either covered by scafforlding or grime covered. Also plan to do the tours up and down at the Colisseum. Capri is all about hiking, especially Villa Joba. I could care less about the blue grotto. Looking for great eating there and Positano. Not sure what we will do on the Amalfi Coast yet. Last time I bought inlaid wood in Salerno and limoncello in Sorrento. I'm thinking perhaps Ravello this time.


I'm also looking for a good car service to get us from Positano to Naples for our return flights. I've gotten several quotes but want a truly reliable service.


Any previous blogs or reviews are appreciated. I've read some but am still looking for the 2012 one from iahflyr. Also and tips from profchiara pluto77 psudad jerrycoin I want to avoid any travel mishaps by being as prepared as possible. So 9 months of research ought to do the trick, don't you think?


Thanks in advance to everyone for the assistance. Links and photo's are especially appreciated!