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MegaBonus and Promotions?

Question asked by trackboy on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by pluto77

lHave been a Marriott rewards member for awhile and got accustomed to receiving emails or looking at the Promotion page for new promotions.  I had not received or seen any fall promotion, so I started looking around on internet and came across that a Fall MegaBonus was offered.  Curious why I no longer receive emails or can view on the promotions page?  Anyone else experience this issue?


I did reach out to Marriott through email and received very short replies, but again never answered my questions on the promotion above.  Also inquired, since I just signed up, will the promotion be applied retroactively for the time frame or only count from signup date forward.  I already had 8 nights within the bonus time frame and would love to receive the credit.


Very frustrated with the email customer service and thought I would join the community.  Thanks for the help.