17-night USA trip at 13 hotels in 10 towns over 9 brands - Am I mad?

Discussion created by brightlybob on Sep 6, 2016
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Unless you're a prepper and have been hiding in your post-nuclear-apocalypse-shelter since the beginning of the year (or a newb, in which case, hi ) you will be aware of our TIPPLEimage.jpegmeetup which is happening at the end of next week - yes, that soon!

While for all y'all (ah'm STILL improoovin' ma Texan) it is simply our much anticipated and treasured TIPPLE image.jpegfor me this is part of a much bigger trip, in fact it's a 17 night mixed work and history visit incorporating a civil war roadtrip, joining bejacob on a County collecting journey and several legal research meetings. And I'm keeping all you lucky people involved with piccies, hotel reports, lounge reviews and flight critiques, all from the perspective of a Marriott Platinum (most of the time), an IHG Spire (secondary scheme) and a United Silver (courtesy of Marriott Plat).

So sit back, grab a TIPPLE image.jpegor two, relax in your comfiest chair, travel with me and comment.

So let's get started, shall we, boys and girls...

Oh, before we do, let me just take this opportunity to completely gratuitously say the word TIPPLEimage.jpegagain