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Earning Marriott Rewards while Staycationing

Question asked by libralady on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by libralady

Where should my next Marriott Adventure be for my next staycation?  I really enjoyed this summer's staycations of 2 nights each.  Instead of traveling outside of my metropolitan area, I decided to experience 3 wonderful Marriott properties right near my home.  Not only did I enjoy the staycations, but I earned Marriott Rewards.  One of the hotels was practically on the runway at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport.  My room was facing the runway with a balcony. Believe it or not the room was very quiet with the sliding glass door closed, however, I spent most of the time sitting on the balcony watching the planes take off and land.  I love planes.  Another hotel was connected to the airport via the skytrain, so I took a trip on it, for experience.  The last hotel was in Midtown, so I walked the neighborhood and experience some restaurants for the first time.


In addition to accumulating Marriott Rewards, I did not have to travel far, so I saved on travel expenses (just gas and parking fees);  I got to experience neighborhoods outside of my own that I rarely visit;  and I got a wonderful experience with Marriott (room and food).


With a birthday coming up, I am looking for a nice Marriott property for another staycation.  It must have a SPA!


Try a staycation.  It is wonderful